Thankfulness improves our lives in a major way.

4 Truths You Can Always Be Thankful For

Being thankful is a powerful tool to combat panic and depression.

When the going gets tough, focus on these 4 truths you can always be thankful for to instantly skyrocket your levels of hope and well-being.  

Everyone has times in their life when things look grim. When the world feels like a scary place, and you are standing alone in the middle of it, focus in on these 4 key truths you can always be thankful for to instantly feel better and more positive. 

If you’re finding it hard to believe that better times will come, here are four truths you can always hang on to. 

The sun always comes up tomorrow, offering a fresh start and new opportunities.

1. You Can Always be Thankful that The Sun will Rise Tomorrow

Even the worst day comes to an end. 

Going to bed with hope in the opportunity of tomorrow is a strong way to move past a bad day.  Believe that the coming day is a fresh start, full of potential and unforeseen gifts. 

Refrain from brooding over past failures, as this is as pointless as worrying about the future. You can only deal with what is right in front of you. 

So take the time to unwind, and wake up refreshed and determined to try again.

2. Be Thankful for Your Potential

All humans are born full of potential. Do you believe that you can live your best life? Do you think that you really can be prosperous, well-liked, and happy? Or does it feel to you that success is only for the lucky few?  

The truth is, the only thing stopping you from meeting your potential is your own beliefs about your abilities.

Change your mindset from self-doubt to self-confidence, and you can do whatever you truly desire to do. 

Believing in yourself is the best gift you can give yourself, and will pay major dividends in the future when your dreams become your reality.

3. Remember That Challenges Make You Stronger

If you’re down in the trough of a major life crisis, remember that when you come out the other end, you’ll be stronger and more experienced than before.

You will have learned things about yourself and what you’re capable of that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

You can always be thankful for adversity as it develops inner-strength.

Although you may not have gotten  your desired outcome, remember that you have triumphed. You will emerge a victor after weathering the storm, and you will be more capable than ever before.

4. Be Grateful that You Have the Choice to Think Positively

It’s highly unlikely that every single part of your life will go wrong simultaneously.  There is almost always something good to focus on, if you look hard enough. 

So learn to hang on to the good things in your life, no matter how small, and remember to be grateful. No matter what situation you find yourself in, it could always be worse. 

If you look for abundance, you will find it.

Practice looking for things you can be thankful for, starting with being alive right now.

And remember, hard times come and hard times go. Better times are just around the corner, and believing in these four truths will make the journey much easier.


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