3 Things to Do For Your Partner in Tough Times

What are 3 things you can do for your partner to soothe them in times of unease?

Such an upheaval can put an immense strain on a relationship. Tempers may flare. Unresolved issues may crop up.  And if you’re not careful, things can fall apart very quickly. 

Avoid fights during adversity with these three tips.
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Doing these next 3 essential things for your partner during troubled times will reinforce your relationship and keep things going strong.  

3 Things to do for your partner: Stay calm, Be a safe place, and help sort things out

Stay Calm

The best thing you can do for your partner is to not panic.  Become the master of your own emotions. No matter what you’re feeling, try not to react to stressful situations from an emotional place.

It’s ok to express to your partner that you’re having feelings, and they’ll probably appreciate knowing that they aren’t the only one that’s upset. But be careful not to act on strong emotions.  

Take the time you need to cool off and get centered.  Practice some self care and find a way to discharge strong negative energy. 

Learning to calm yourself down is a valuable skill for your relationship.
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 A clear mind is a great thing to offer your partner during stressful times.  So do what you need to do to find some rational thinking to work with them through this.

Be a Safe Place For Your Partner

Regardless of whether the crisis only effects them, or is a shared issue, it’s a good idea to take the same approach: be someone your partner can count on.

You’re here to be their ally, and it’s important that they feel like they can come to you with their thoughts and feelings without being judged. 

If ever there was a time to be your loving best, it’s right now while you hold them through these uncertain times.

Help Sort Things Out

Now that you’ve gotten a handle on the facts, it’s time to work together on an action plan.

Be the one to strike a balance. Help them to see the situation clearly. Be someone who can help give a little perspective.

Finding balance during troubled times is vital to helping your partner get through.
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Once a plan is made, be ready to help carry it out.

These are 3 things to do for your partner to make life easier for them.

The world might feel like it’s spiraling out of control, but with these three steps, you can protect your relationship with your significant other and show them you truly are a team going forward.

By doing this, you’re reminding them just how much you love them and how much you are on their side.  Tough times can be a huge growth opportunity, so try to look at things positively and take advantage of it.  

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