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10 Reasons to Never Mess With an Empath

There are many more than 10 reasons to never mess with an empath..

But here are the top 10:

Close up of an empath with water droplets on her face.  Keep her in mind while you read about the top 10 reasons to never mess with an empath.
Think twice before messing with an empath.

The Top 10 Reasons to Never Mess With an Empath

  1. Empaths can tell when you aren’t being truthful.

Not only can empaths catch your straight forward lies with ease, they also know when you aren’t being truthful. Lying by omission, exaggeration, and dishonesty does not get past them. They will know that you are not being truthful, and they will often call you on it, too.

2. They can sense your intentions.

Pretending to be a good person will not gain you any points with an empath. Empaths know what you’re really up to, even when you yourself believe that your intentions are good. People lie to themselves about their intentions all the time, but an empath will see right through you.

3. Empaths can read your true emotions.

When an empath asks you how you’re doing and you reply, “Fine.” they will immediately know if you aren’t. Putting on a brave face for an empath is a complete waste of time. By definition, empaths are super good at feeling other peoples’ emotions with them. So do yourself a favor and be honest about your feelings when speaking with an empath.

Grayscale photo of female empath looking at you while covering her right eye with her right hand.
I see you.

4. You can’t hide your negativity from an empath.

Empaths are so sensitive to energies that they will immediately see any negativity in someone’s aura. It’s blatantly obvious to them. Negatively charged energy is extremely uncomfortable for empaths, so don’t expect an empath to hang around for long when you are failing to find any good in life.

5. They know when you’re lying to yourself.

We all lie to ourselves about things sometimes. It’s hard to tell ourselves the truth! So having an empathic friend is really a valuable thing. They will be able to see the bigger picture of your life in an uncanny way. And if you ask nicely, they may share their insights with you.

6. Empaths rarely reveal all that they know about a situation.

Empaths often know more about any given situation than they let on. They tend to play their hand close to their chest, because getting vulnerable is a very risky thing for an empath. They are able to zoom out and realize the truth from their widened perspective, and will use that information as they see fit.

Photo of snowy mountain reflected on the still surface of a lake.
Zoom out or you’ll miss the big picture.

7. They are highly sensitive to sarcasm.

Sarcasm is the use of irony to mock or show contempt. It is humor designed to degrade something or someone else. Empaths want nothing to do with this kind of nasty comedy. It may seem funny to you, but an empath will be so sensitive to the effect your sarcasm has on whatever it is directed at, that they will often remove themselves from a sarcastic conversation.

8. Your prejudices are obvious to them.

As hard as we may try to be tolerant and open-minded, we all have biases that color our experience of the world. Rather than hiding these warped ideas, you may want to share them with an empath in your life. They know you have them anyway, so set your pride aside and see if they can offer you a fresh point of view on these worn out ideas.

9. They have no patience for selfish motives.

Selfishness is not particularly attractive to most people, but it is especially repulsive to empaths. It can be very strong, and will completely turn off an empath’s interest in you. However, an effort toward selflessness and helping others may go a long way towards opening up an empath to spending time with you.

10. You can’t fool them when it comes to commitment.

Monochrome photo of woman's hands with tattoo and multiple rings including a solitary diamond on her left ring finger.
You say you do, but do you really?

Being in a relationship with an empath is extremely tricky, as you may have sensed because you’ve made it this far in this article. Now that you have some background to draw off of, try to get really honest with yourself about how willing you are to be committed to this person. You don’t want to be the last one to know.

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